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Chifney Bit SS

The Chifney, also known as an anti-rearing bit, is a horse bit designed for leading spirited horses ..


Continental Gag Bit (4 Rings)

Also referred to as a "Dutch" Gag or "Pessoa Type" Gag. Popular in showjumping and eventing. Th..


Double Broken Snaffle Bit

Benefits of a Loose Ring (or Double Broken) Snaffle: The free sliding rings of the Loose Ring S..


Egg Butt Snaffle Bit

The Egg Butt Snaffle Bit is designed controlling the pace and direction of your horse.Control - Lar..


Eggbutt English Bit

Details:SS L / W Eggbutt bitsw/ Flat rings, pinchlessSolid jointed mouthM.T. 14mmM.S. All Size ..


Eggbutt English Bit

Details:SS Eggbutt Bits, Flat Ringsw/ Brass Bushings, SS Sheet Hollow MouthM.T. 23mm ..


English Hackamore

The English Hackamore makes up part of a bit less bridle. Although this bridle has no bit it is sti..


First Choice Full Cheek Eggbutt Snaffle

This bit has a single joint giving a nutcracker action and full cheeks to aid with steering. &nb..


First Choice Pelham Bit w/ Curb Chain and Hooks

This Pelham has a metal Mullen mouthpiece providing more space for the horses tongue. Can be used w..


Fixed Ring Bit

Highly recommended for horses that are unsteady in the contact in the contact with the bit. Egg but..


Gag Bit With Leather Stra

Effectively applies mouth and poll pressure when used with correct cheek straps. Eggbutt style avoid..


Gag English Bit

Details:Stainless SteelElliptical LinkSolid Mouth4-Ring CheeksM.T. 20mmC.L. 7 1/2” ..