Farrier's Tools

Farrier's Tools

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Bassoli ''Tommy'' Double Edge Knife

This is a super sharp, double edge knife with no hook on the end and has a wooden handle. Most comm..


Bassoli - 14" Costanza Rasp

The Bassoli 'Costanza' rasp is 50 mm wide so it's easier for getting a super flat finish on the foo..


Bassoli - 14" Farrier Rasp

The Bassoli Farrier Rasp is a top quality product sharp and long lasting. Made in Italy...


Bassoli Hoof Knife "Ricky"

Professional knife with ergonomic wooden handle and lightly curved sharp blade...


Bassoli Hoof Knife Becca

The perfect hoof knife (Loop Knife) for any purpose at the horse's hoof. The hoof knife has a fully ..


Clincher Nail

A nail clincher is used when shoeing a horse, after the shoe has been hammered on, the nail clinche..


Heavy Duty Wire Brush

The traditional Farriers wire brush. Fitted with metal blades rather than wire bristles, this is v..


Leather Farrier Apron - Long

Long Leather Farrier Apron is a stylish, comfortable, hardwearing apron made from high quality mat..


Square Head Brooch

This Dick brand brochette has a square head, ideal for driving down nails. The split tip on the oth..