Grooming Items

Grooming Items

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Aluminium Mane comb

Heavy duty aluminum mane comb is ideal for mane and tails..



Great for manes and tails and fits in the palm of your hand.  Has finger holes and a horse hea..


Aluminum Pulling Comb

This tiny comb is the perfect size to get that hard to pull mane just right...


Body Elastic Brush

Two flexible joints allow brush to form to horse’s body and your hand. Adjustable hand strap for co..


Dandy Brush

A Hard-bristled brush is used to remove the dirt, hair and other material stirred up by the curry. ..


Eskadron Grooming Bag

This grooming bag comes in handy for safely keeping all your equine grooming items in one place secu..


Furzone 614D

This 45 watt large animal clipper is lightweight, and easy to handle.Ergonomically designed grip.Mul..


Furzone Major Clipper

· Made to work hard, the "Major" detachable blade clipper can do everything from trim work to b..


Grooming Glove

Features:Flexible rubber glove with raised bumps removes loose hair and massages the skin.Just slip ..


Grooming Kit

This grooming bag can compressed when not in use since it is made from a durable rubber material.The..