Neck Sweats / Full Body Sweats

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Deluxe Full Head Sweat w/ Fleece

Features:Neoprene materialInner part of head sweat covered with fleeceEar holesVelcro straps to secu..


Deluxe Full Neck Sweat

Features:Neoprene materialEar holeVelcro straps to hold the neck sweat in place..


Fleece Sweat Neck Double Velcro

Fleece Neck Sweat Durable neoprene fleece lined neck sweat with easy to use hook and loop closures t..


Full Body Lycra Slicker

The perfect sheet for keeping hair flat and dust freeMade of durable 8 oz lycraHigh quality full sep..


Full Neck Sweat

Neoprene material4 straps for the body and 1 strap on the face region to hold the full neck sweat in..


Full Shoulder Sweat

They sweat the area where the neck ties into the chest and shoulder. The sweats expand and contract..


Neck Sweat Full

Neoprene materialHas 4 straps on the neck area and a buckle strap at the end to hold the sweat neck ..