Fly Control Products

Fly Control Products

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AVERAGE HORSE PINK Comfort Fit Lycra Fly Mask Mesh Ears

Lycra Material Throughout (Except Ears and Eyes)Mesh Around Eyes and EarsFits Like a GloveBinding Ar..


BRONCO Equine Fly Spray

BRONCO Equine Fly Spray provides an insecticide and repellent in one, for horses, dogs and their pre..


Bronco Fly Spray (32 oz)

· Effectively kills and repels flies, mosquitos, gnats, fleas and ticks· Micro-emulsified ..


Fly Mask - Long with Ears

Allow your horse to relax with the protecting his tender eyes and face. Eliminate insect-driven head..


Parisol Horse Fly Shock - Repels Flies, Horseflies, Mosquitoes and Ticks, 2500 ml

Highly effective insect protection sprayUp to 8 hours of protection against horseflies, mosquitoes, ..


TGW RIDING Horse Lycra Fly Mask

Horse Fly Mask, Designed with comfort and convenience in mind. This generously measured fly mask sl..